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About Us

From contemporary shoes to leather boots, our passion lives in our shoes. We design, innovate, and manufactured thousands of masterpieces. Founded in 1991 by Mahendra Singh, Omni Footwear is based in the birthplace of legacies, Agra, India. Moving forward with over 25 years of unwavering commitments to innovation, Omni Footwear has grown to be recognized as one of the India’s valued manufacturers of shoes providing combination of skilled workmanship as well as modern designs.

Valued for comfort and innovations, Omni footwear has been privileged to be associated with the chivalrous and courageous Indian Army and National Security guards.Omni footwear has been designing and manufacturing customized shoes that adhere to the defence requirements and are tailor made to withstand rugged terrains and weather conditions.We are proud that our extensive line of footwear is part of our national identity, and there are no better judges of the quality of our products than those for whom they are designed. 

Omni footwear, an ISO 9001:2015 company and a private limited since 2013, now offers exclusive range footwear available in different colors and materials for casual and formal wear. Our advantage is created by combining modern designs with quality materials in the most innovative and effective manner possible. This perfect synergy of craftsmanship, design and technology is visible in every Omni product. 

Being true to the set heritage and continually mastering the classic art of shoe making, we are always embracing the future. We’ve come a long way since our inception, and today, we are going global, endeavoring to make our range available to the world.Each year as we grow, we become more capable of working towards creating more sustainable designs and continue to explore new ways to provide the best.